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1. Can you explain to our readers what`s your project about and how it works?

ASGARD (https://asgardecofund.io/ ) is a decentralized crypto ecological fund based on asocio-environmental blockchain platform. It provides funding for specific environmental tasks focusing on the elimination of the damage caused by plastic pollution internationally. ASGARD ECO FUND offers an alternative crypto financing tool for projects and solution in polymer waste collection with its further processing and conversion into industrial goods, polyester fibers.

Project objectives:
  • To arrange crowd investing for priority environmental programs.
  • To motivate the participants for identifying environmental damage through ASG token payments.
  • To exclude the possibility of hiding an identified environmental damage from the public.
  • To eliminate identified crimes against the environment.

ASGARD ECO FUND plans the launch of effective model projects internationally which contribute to reducing the volumes of undeclared plastic waste (simply thrown away without proper collection and treatment) and increases the volumes of plastic being recycled and used as secondary raw materials.

ASGARD creates an effective motivation system for people who are passionate about the environment in finding hidden environmental crimes (such as illegal dump sites), downloading gps data of such crimes into ASGARD blockchain and voting for their liquidation. Members of ASGARD get a reward in ASG tokens for every contribution they make.

2. What is the main idea behind the project?

ASGARD raises awareness about the true extent of the danger resulting from plastic pollution and contributes to finding solutions to the problem of air and water pollution and soil contamination caused by decomposing plastic wastes.

According to experts in our team, the overall ecological situation on the planet is worsening exponentially due to the increase in world production and technology development. Hundreds of millions of tons of domestic solid waste (trash, garbage, refuse, rubbish) which is a waste type consisting of everyday items that are generated annually by people. Up to 45% of such hazardous waste is not declared worldwide as per our estimate. In other words, almost half of the waste produced by humans remains out of official statistics of international waste generation and ends up on illegal dumpsites, in the oceans, forests, and so on.

ASGARD ECO FUND offers an alternative tool for crypto funding of environmentally oriented projects and solutions aimed at the collection of polymer wastes and processing them into industrial goods. ASGARD claims that it will lead to a 7-9% annual reduction in the volume of undeclared polymer wastes.

3. Where are you physically located?

Name of the Company: AMFG FZE
Office location address: Al-Jazeera Al-Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E. Office 504, RAKIA BC 5.

4. What purpose does the blockchain have in your project and what role does the coin have?

ASGARD ECO FUND is based on socio-environmental Blockchain platform which will give all the inhabitants of the Earth an opportunity to participate in the elimination of ecological crimes. All the data of hidden environmental crimes downloaded in ASGARD blockchain by its community members will form an interactive map, allowing a proper control of such polluted sites healing process. ASG map will be available to ASG members to work with full access excluding data changes, in preview mode for visitors.

Key factors for the need of blockchain technology use in ASGARD project implementation:
  • data protection from changes, deletion or blockage;
  • full ASG members anonymity – freedom from any pressure;
  • smart contract controls financial streams automatically, including ASG members rewarding;

ASG token is an accountant asset of ASGARD ECO FUND. All the financial operations conducted within the fund use ASG token only. The token is used for issuing crypto loans for environmentally oriented businesses, to pay rewards to ASG members for finding the spots of environmental damage (such as illegal dump sites) and putting them on ASGARD interactive map, etc.

5. Are there any earlier backers of your project?

There are some ICO projects focusing on climate change, air pollution, ocean barriers against floating plastic and other issues.

ASGARD project’s team considers undeclared polymer wastes as the main focus due to more than 30-years professional experience of the core team members in plastic recycling with its further processing into industrial goods.

6. Tell us about your ASG Recycling model project.

The purpose of ASG Recycling is the launch of recycling plants which process plastic and other waste in line with technical requirements and territory’s needs in:
  • industrial goods;
  • terephthalate thread (PET; Terylene, Lavsan, Dacron);
  • recovered fuel (SRF / RDF), as per EN 15359:2011 standard for solid recovered fuels;
  • compost for unproductive lands and desert enriching.

As ASG Recycling is a model project, the team already has an effective solution which is demonstrated in the table below:

7. What about Airdrop program?

ASGARD creates a culture of digital investing in the environmental sphere allowing its investors high-yield achieving. ASG token holders who bought ASG during Pre-Sale & ICO will benefit from 6% monthly ASG airdrop. It means that every month token holders who invested in ASGARD during ICO & Pre-Sale stages will receive additional tokens at the rate of 6% from the number of tokens on their account. Below you can see the example of investment return calculations, based on 100 US dollar initial investment.

8. Why should we invest in ASGARD?

ASGARD ECO FUND is an innovative project which combines real business and latest Blockchain technologies to fight against the problem of plastic pollution all over the world. It provides alternative financing of technologies which have been tested over the decades and gives people all over the world a chance to take part in saving our planet from a global disaster caused by plastic pollution. By investing in ASGARD, you support preserving the environment and make your valuable contribution to protecting Earth from the negative impact of human activity.


ASG token is already listed on https://p2pb2b.io exchange and trades in 3 pairs: ASG_USD; ASG_ETH; ASG_BTC. Some private investors have already demonstrated their live interest in ASG trading, especially because experts predict x10 ASG price growth by the end of 2019.

9. Do you want to message something to our readers?

For decades, people haven’t been really thinking about environmental issues. It led our planet to serious global environmental issues which we now face, and plastic pollution is one of the most dangerous disasters as microplastics are now being found even in the uninhabited areas, in whales’ stomachs, in sea salt, etc. Plastic waste destroys life on land and in the oceans, and humanity is responsible for its actions. ASGARD offers a unique solution bringing the latest blockchain technologies to the environmental sphere which desperately needs funding. Also, ASGARD gives everyone an opportunity to participate inpreserving the environment, and to receive a real financial benefit from such participation. If we want our children to live in the green world which we are lucky to still witness, we need to unite and work together so our planet is not destroyed by humanity itself.