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CRYPTOXYGEN – First Hardware Integrated Wallet & Platform ever…..

a Thomson Computing Hardware JV…

1. Can you explain to our readers what`s your project about and how it works?

Cryptoxygen is a full solution FIAT - crypto-exchange platform and digital wallet for traders. Our platform will be offering a wide range of services and loyalty programs: social trading, online academy courses for different levels of experience, membership allowing getting discounts and privileged access to our advanced services, streaming news, fiat payments with debit/credit cards, and payments with OXY2 tokens within our partnership network.

Irina Duisimbekova Cryptoxygen Founder

2. What is the main idea behind the project?

The idea was to create a complete solution for crypto investors all-in-one with immediate worldwide active users, as well as facilitate an access to a large number of newcomers to crypto industry through our sealed partnership with Thomson Computing, by integrating our platform into 1 Million of notebooks, smartphones and tablets sold across the world.
For each customer of Thomson Computing we will be offering free 200 OXY2 tokens for registering on our platform and starting trading for free as well as process payments B2B, B2C, wallet to wallet!

3. Where are you physically located?

Cryptoxygen Head Quarter is based in Estonia and fully regulated by FIU with licenses allowing us to trade fiat to crypto.
Out of Estonia, we have already physical presence in the Gulf countries and all across Europe and USA.

4. Are you focused in any specific geographic areas?

We are actually looking into spreading our presence worldwide by opening branches across the most crypto friendly countries and in discussions with several corporate entities for either been listed into their exchanges platforms, either having our tokens in use for commercial purposes and transactions. Asia would id definitely into our frame of actions and we are actually talking with several operators willing to list our tokens on their platform as well as use it for transactions such as hotel chains, retailers and some travel agencies for ticketing… USA also is our developing targets with the large fast consumption habits to let users ease their purchasing transactions and e-commerce needs.. and we have a will through the Thomson Computing products distribution globally to have remote areas in the African countries for example benefiting from our integrated wallet and tokens for fast moving transfer

5. What purpose does the blockchain have in your project and what role does the coin have?

Cryptoxygen token, OXY2 is utility token based on ERC20, offers services to the users of our platform as well as the digital wallet. OXY2 will allow to reduce trading fees, transfers from exchange to wallet, to have access to online academy, to get a debit/credit card, to make instant payments, purchase products or services of our partners and much more to come.

6. Is the project open source, if yes Where can I find the source code?

No the source is confidential and cannot be viewed publicly.

7. What is your competitive advantage?

The competitive advantage is that we are one of the first to launch a cryptocurrency platform integrated in hardware with a manufacturer of electronics products sold already in more than 50 countries across the globe creating a natural big liquidity and number of existing active users on our platform and will reinforce the value of our tokens. Moreover, this partnership will allow us to attract new investors to cryptocurrency world by testing our platform with free OXY2 tokens, as well as synergies between merchants business and users willing to use their tokens for e-commerce, transactions, etc

8. Are there any earlier backers of your project?

We are working now on development of our Cryptoxygen platform, which should be ready within 2-3 months and will be then launched on the net as well as in Thomson Computing hardware products.

9. Why should we invest in Cryptoxygen?

Cryptoxygen has a strong partnership and strong team behind. It is as expressed a platform and tokens which are immediately presents in 50 countries through the Thomson Computing devices that are sold at more than 1 million units yearly since many years…. So no time cycle to increase the users – they are already in Thomson Computing portfolios and active! Our target is to bring easy and innovative solutions to cryptotraders. We would like to give opportunity to get to know crypto better and to access easily by just using your debit/credit cards. We are planning additionally, to launch our Cryptoxygen Investment Lab that would support innovative projects of start-ups in artificial intelligence as well as environment. Crypto “Oxygen” for all!

10. Do you want to message something to our readers?

I would like to tell that despite of current market conditions and bear cycle, cryptocurrency is the future and it will definitely will get more and more regulated in order to control better ICO’s and existing tokens/coins in circulation. The cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies will revolutionize the world to the better side by tracking all transactions, by giving them more transparency, by avoiding third parties involvement in different processes of chain and cutting useless costs. Cryptoxygen is one of these benefits, to make cryptoworld better!