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250 USD (3.15%)


1. Can you explain to our readers what`s your project about and how it works

DecentraX is building a blockchain based on custom hardware that can exceed current network speeds by improving processing, and increasing TPS (Transactions Per Second).

2. What is the main idea behind the project?

The DecentraX Blockchain will allow for assets like Concert Tickets, Home Titles, and Car Pink Slips to be Tokenized. 3,000 DCX will be required to stake for every contract written on the network.

3. Where are you physically located?

Silicon Valley CA, USA. However, we have people working on DecentraX all around the world.

4. Are you focused in any specific geographic areas?


5. What purpose does the blockchain have in your project and what role does the coin have?

Besides for writing contracts for the Tokenization of Assets DCX will act as the GAS of the network, however transactions will not be paid for by every day users, instead contract writers will stake 3,000 DCX when they write their contracts to pay for transactions occurring on their contract or between contracts. Unspent DCX will be sent back to the contract writers address and can be used for new contracts, sold or traded. For contracts that last in perpetuity or for long periods of time a community address will be available for the contract participants (Community) to donate DCX.

6. Is the project open source, if yes Where can I find the source code?


7. What is your competitive advantage?

Higher TPS and improved Networking focused on improving networking speeds. Because of this we are a closed network, but still maintain a decentralized structure with Nodes being spread out across the world.

8. Are there any earlier backers of your project?

Yes, we have Presale investors. Over 300,000 DCX were sold in the Presale (Only 11 million available for the ICO, and 25 Million is the total supply)

9. Why should we invest in Decentrax?

If you believe that tokenization of assets is the future then DecentraX would like to be the first blockchain that not only focuses on Utility but also scalability and security. This is the Trilemma that is hindering the growth of many of the current blockchain solutions available on the market. DecentraX feels that this is not an easy task, but by thinking outside the box it’s possible to overcome.

10. Do you want to message something to our readers?

Blockchain Technology is in its infancy, just like the internet was in its infancy when CD’s were being mailed out and dial up connections were being made. Sometime in the future we will see the true potential and effectiveness of blockchain technology in our everyday lives and we strongly believe the tokenization of assets is the right road to be on, to be a part of the future of the blockchain industry.